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Hats and Wigs are as essential a part of your Halloween costume as the shirt, pants, mask, gloves or accessories worn. After all, the first thing most people see is your face or head and what you’ve got on top makes all the difference.  Think of the many character options you can choose from and the unique looks they each have.  1920s gangster fedora, a short bob or curly flapper wig, 1970s funky afro wig, 1980s heavy metal long teased or a pop star neon pink, purple, red or green hairstyle, punk rock Mohawk, classic redneck mullet, multicolor curly clown wigs, western cowboy and cowgirl hats, Elvis Presley pompadour, pointy witch hats, long gothic vampire wigs, historical Napoleon French general hat, Sherlock Holmes detective cap, Egyptian Cleopatra wig or pharaoh headpiece, tall curly Victorian Marie Antoinette style, rasta dreadlocks of all lengths, a white shock of hair for a mad scientist, long braids for Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz or a sexy schoolgirl, Mad Hatter or White Rabbit iconic top hats from Alice in Wonderland, Mexican sombrero, hard plastic helmets for firefighters or construction workers, policeman’s hat with badge, naval captain’s hat, braids and a bandana for a Jack Sparrow pirate costume, red wig with horns for a devil disguise…the possibilities are endless!! Get ready for Halloween with any of the ones we’ve mentioned or the many more from our huge selection.  Dressing up for the holiday is all about being creative and memorable; the right wig or hat goes a long way in making sure your outfit is remembered for years to come.

Wigs & Hats / Classic Halloween

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